How To Open Google Chrome Advanced Settings Easily

Are you looking for keyboard short-cuts to open any settings dialog in Google Chrome? The fact might come hard on you, but there are currently no keyboard shortcuts that one can employ to open advance setting options. You will have to click on the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ button on the top right corner

How To Paste Plain Text in MS Word Using Macros

If you write and edit articles and blog posts using MS Word, you might have to copy some text to Word when you are doing research. When you do so, you will have to deal with a lot of fancy formatting and images that get in to your clipboard when paste the text to MS

Sub-domain as Blogger Custom Domain Name

Blogger has been around for quite some years. It was originally created by a company called Pyra Labs, and the service was took over by Google Inc. in 2003. It is in-fact one of the oldest blogging service on the internet. When you register a new Blogger blog, you will be givin 2 options. You

The Morbid Remains of Google Buzz on your Drive and Google+

If you have used Google Buzz in the past (even if had not), you would have got an email from Google, that they would like to give all your Google Buzz Data back to you. It was officially announced by Google that, they are going to shut down Buzz back in October 2011. Since Google+ is

Pocket Tanks For Android – Fan Review

There are quite some artillery games on Google Play. If you are wondering what artillery games are, they are a genre of video games where 2 opponents attack each other and deal as much damage as possible on one another. The 2 opponents will go back and forth (turn-based) attacking each other and at the end

How To Integrate Dictionary into Moon+ Reader

You are looking for a way to add your favorite Dictionary data to Moon+ Reader so that you don’t have to exit the application every time you come across a strange, obscure word, or when you want to look up something on Wikipedia. If you are a new user, you should probably read why Moon+

Why Moon+ Reader Rock My Socks Off?

There are a lot of Android tablets and phablets out there and more and more people have started reading books on their mobile devices than carrying around books. I was in the look out of a good e-book reader almost a year back. I tried many readers like Alkido, Ebook Reader, Moon+ Reader, Amazon Kindle

How To Change Ownership Of a Blogger Blog

Changing the ownership of Blogger blog is not as complicated as changing the ownership of a self-hosted WordPress blog. All you need to do is to add the person as an author of the blog and promote them to Admin. This might sound simple, however its not as simple as it sounds, since there are

Fix Automatic Unrooting Problem in Amazon Kindle Fire 2 (non-HD)

Have you recently rooted your Amazon Kindle Fire 2 non HD version. You should probably check if the SuperUser app is still on your device. A lot of people who have rooted their Amazon Kindle Fire tablet were shocked to see that, their tablets unroots itself and removed Google Play from the device automatically. Apparently,

Kindle Fire 2 (non-HD) Bare Bones For Rooted Stock OS

If you have a rooted Amazon Kindle Fire 2 (non-HD) then you might be willing to remove Amazon’s handcuffs from your poor little tablet. The very 1st thing I did after rooting my tablet is change the Launcher. My tablet currently runs the ADW launcher which has given new and more user-friendly interface. The very