How To Show Hidden Startup Applications In Elementary OS Freya

Elementary OS although is one of the most pleasant and modern looking Linux operating systems, it is also pretty snappy and doesn’t need a lot of tinkering around to improve the performance. However, if you are running it on an old hardware it could be a bit choppy. With Elementary OS Luna the previous version

How To Make Money Blogging Even If Your Writing Sucks?

To run a blog that pulls-in thousands of visitors everyday and is followed and subscribed by a lot of people could actually give one the financial independence that everyone would love to have. However, if one have to succeed in building a subscriber base and a website that both Google and people love, one needs

How To Use Mono Headphones In Laptop?

When you plug the earphones that came with your mobile phone in to your computer or laptop, chances are that you might get audio out from only one of the ear pods. The issue is not with Windows or any other operating system you use. It is because When you plug in an headphones with

Android Players That Support Real-time Slow motion With Playback Speed Option

Slow motion or slo-mo could come handy while watching certain videos. While watching movies on a computer, any type of video could be slowed down using a media player like VLC. However, the Android version of VLC player doesn’t support slow motion and doesn’t have the option to change playback speed. There are actually several

5 Websites To Earn Money By Playing Games Online

Play games all day and mint money. A dream come true for any hard-core gamer — and it is almost like an urban legend. We are not talking about pro gamers who participate in international and national tournaments who make top dollars. This post is not going to address about playing on a professional level,

How To Speed Up Gnome 3

Gnome 3 desktop environment was a big leap from the classic Gnome 2 DE. A lot of people were outraged and expressed the same kind of hate they loathed for Unity. Although a lot of people who did not like Gnome 3 or Unity migrated to Linux Mint, there are still a lot of people

How To Save IRCTC Ticket As PDF or Image

IRCTC is arguably one of the worst websites ever created and there is sure a special place in hell waiting for the people who built it. So you have gone through the battle of successfully booking a ticket on this wretched website and now you would like to print it. When you click on the

How To Get Pepper-flash On Firefox For Linux?

Firefox comes bundled with a lot of Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. Firefox is great for it’s stability, open-source nature and all the cool add-ons and extensions. However, for someone who is coming to Linux from Windows. It could be a great turn-off to them when they realise that Flash doesn’t work as

[How To Fix] BlueStacks Failed To Install In Windows

BlueStacks lets you emulate Android in Windows. There are millions of Android applications that one would like to run on their computer. There is Android x86 which is an open source project that lets you install Android on a PC just like you would install Windows or Linux. However, BlueStacks makes it simple, by emulating

No “Download all attachments” Link In Gmail

There are 2 kinds of people when it comes to emailing, the people who attach files and images to the email and people who embed images as inline within the text. Gmail provides you with the download link to download all the files attached to the email with a single click only when the images